UTWSD Victory Updates: Court Ruling Upheld & DBA Success

UTWSD Victory Updates: Court Ruling Upheld & DBA Success

UTWSD Victory Updates!

Court Ruling Upheld:

Congratulations!!  Our Lift the Cap campaign has WON!  On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the San Diego Superior Court ruled in favor of the City of San Diego’s near unanimous decision to lift the cap on permits.

Through indomitable courage, we faced the Goliath of issues stemming from the archaic permitting system in the taxi industry and WON!!!   Our lead organizers faced abuse and blacklisting for their stalwart efforts for the past six years.  Together, with you as our members and allies, we have created enormous opportunity for our San Diego taxi drivers to own their businesses.

Judge Gregory Pollack denied the petitioner’s request for a writ of mandate and declaratory judgment.  In this ruling, the court recognized that the petitioners’ claims arguing concern for environmental quality were unsubstantiated.   Previously, the petitioners withdrew its alleged “takings” claims for its unlikely merits based on case law in California.

“Back in 2009, when we organized against numerous incidents of hostility and intimidation in the industry, this was our dream,” stated President Mikaiil Hussein.  “Everyone said we could not do it.  In a team effort, United Taxi Workers built allies and political strength to take on a decades old system.”

“Today’s a win for consumers and a win for the industry,” insists Hussein.  “This empowers a whole community to provide for their families and allows for enlarged opportunity to seek the American Dream.”

“Still, there’s work to be done.  We must ensure that there is not retaliation against those with the new status as permit holders.  We, as United Taxi Workers, seek fairness, integrity, and safety in our industry.  Together, united, we stand strong.”

Judge Upholds San Diego Decision to Eliminate Cap | KPBS

San Diego’s Taxicab Permit Elimination Upheld In Court | CBS 8 

DBA Success:

Many of our members noted their inability to operate due to the “Doing Business As” requirement.  After speaking with Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) officials, we confirmed that the Taxi Administration office withdrew this mandatory requirement.

MTS highly encourages applicants to include the “doing business as” name on their vehicle registration.  However, this is no longer a prerequisite to obtain a taxicab permit.

Individual regulatory analysts will explain this “encouraged”/but not required policy.  The updated Permit Applicant Fact sheet reflects this change in policy.  Attached here:.  If your permit process application has been delayed due to this issue, contact your assigned regulatory analyst.

We will continue to be here for you, our members.  If you’re not already a member JOIN UTWSD TODAY! We must continue to build our POWER! Our United Dispatch is also up and running! JOIN UNITED DISPATCH so that we can once and for all be free of the people who have fought against us to lift the cap and are currently suing the City to take your medallion away!

But we know when we fight together, we WIN! Thank you for your continued engagement and support!

Have questions, stories or ideas? CONTACT US. You can stop by our taxi union office, 4265 Fairmount Ave. or call (619)255-7355

With Gratitude and Solidarity,

United Taxi Workers of San Diego

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