Are you ready to be treated with dignity and respect!?

If so, join United Taxi Workers of San Diego!

Born out of a need for justice and equality after the taxi driver strikes of ’09 the United Taxi Workers of San Diego was formed.

By joining UTWSD we will:

  • Have dedicated representatives fight for your rights;
  • Advocate to have more input in the taxi rules and regulations that affect us every day;
  • Campaign for  “Taxi Drivers Bill of Rights”;
  • Achieve better communication and relationship between our City, State, San Diego Police officials and M.T.S;
  • End “kickback” demands from hotel doormen;
  • Create Social, political and economic equality;
  • Address any and all concerns of our members;

United Taxi Workers of San Diego will also fight to end:

  • Safety concerns such as: Threats, vandalism and other violent acts;
  • Money laundering as well as illegal fines;
  • Advocate ending unjustifiable termination of workers;
  • Provide education on Taxi workers rights;
  • Campaign to receive workers benefits such as health care and much more…

Change is now! Help us fight for our rights to support our families and community!

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