UTWSD Accomplishments

  • We Lifted the Cap on Taxi Permits in the City of San Diego!

  • We Achieved Equal Representation On The Taxi Advisory Committee!

  • We campaigned for change and UTWSD Candidates Berhanu Lemma and Hussein Nuur WON the first ever Taxi Driver Elections!

  • We Helped Limit The Confiscation Of Sheriff’s Licenses.

  • We Outreached To Hundreds Of San Diego Taxi Drivers About Protecting Their Rights.

  • We Have Assisted Many Driver Members With Their Claims And Grievances.

  • We Improved Communication With San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

  • We Obtained Legal Representation For Taxi Drivers With  Employee Rights Center.

  • We Received Over 5000 Hours Of In-Kind Professional Services From Various Organizations To Achieve UTWSD Goals.

  • We Earned Support From Elected City Officials.

  • We were Honored by the Center Of Policy Initiatives for helping to create a more just an livable San Diego for Taxi Drivers.

And With Your Help We Can Achieve Much Much More!!