UTWSD Accomplishments

  • December 18th, 2009 – Taxi Drivers Strike! A few weeks later they meet with the Employee Rights Center (ERC), and ERC pledges to help organize

  • February 2010 – UTWSD Founded as a 501(c)(4)

  • Summer 2010 – UTWSD begins first lobbying campaign at MTS, the Airport, the Taxi Advisory Committee (TAC), and the San Diego Public Safety and Neighborhood Service (PSNS)

  • Summer 2010 – UTWSD launches first major campaign to reform driver representation on the TAC

  • June 2011 – UTWSD wins equal representation between lease-holders and permit-holders on the TAC

  • November 2011 – 1st TAC elections result in 2 UTWSD members elected as lease driver representatives

  • February 2012 – Airport Drivers strike over new Airport plan for front-of-line privileges

  • Spring 2012 – Under pressure from drivers, the Airport halts plans for front-of-line privileges, and $.38 fee

  • July 2012 – UTWSD formally joins the San Diego Labor Council as an AFL-CIO affiliated Worker’s Center

  • August 2012 – UTWSD participates in UCSD health survey of taxi drivers, publishes findings

  • September 2012 – “Lift the Cap” campaign starts, candidates for elected office pledge action

  • November 2012 – UTWSD and the Labor Council mobilize the African immigrant communities to vote in the Presidential General Election

  • March 2013 – The new Mayor of San Diego announces plan to “Lift the Cap” on taxi permits

  • May 2013 – SDSU & the Center On Policy Initiatives (CPI) release the “Driven to Despair” Study on taxi

  • November 10th, 2014 – The “Lift the Cap” campaign is successful by a 8-1 vote at City Council! Drivers can now get vehicle permits directly from MTS

  • March 2015 -UTWSD works with MTS and City Council to update rules for new owner-operators

  • April 1st, 2015 – MTS begins distribution of new “4000- series” permits

  • August 2015 – United Dispatch is launched

  • July 2016 – Driver-Members ask UTWSD to champion equality between “Airport” and “City” drivers. UTWSD launches campaign to open the Airport permit process

  • 2017 – UTWSD fights to reduce MTS fines for drivers

  • 2018 – UTWSD helps reduce taxi driver insurance requirements in San Diego and at the Airport

  • 2019 – UTWSD joins the 6-member Airport Ground Transportation Ad-Hoc Committee on permits

  • 2020 – UTWSD becomes a voting member of TAC

  • Spring 2020 – UTWSD assists with hundreds of EDD, rental assistance, and small business grant applications during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Summer 2020 – UTWSD Participates in Census Outreach with Engage San Diego Partners

  • Throughout 2020 – UTWSD distributes thousands of boxes of food and diapers to those in-need

  • June 2020 – The Airport Board agrees to open up the Airport Permitting Process to all taxi drivers

  • November 2021 – United Taxi Co-Operative Founded by UTWSD and 6 Driver-Members, with partners the Democracy At Work Institute & the UCSD Design Lab

  • January 2021 – The Airport opens permit process, UTWSD assists with drivers’ applications & questions

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