STOP Illegal TCP’s and Shuttle Buses

Illegal TCP’s and Shuttle Buses

Attention all Lease and Owner/Drivers:

The California Public Utilities Code Section 5260.5 provides that “all charter party carriers shall provide transportation only on a pre-arranged basis. Anyone who fails to comply with, aids, or abets any violation is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by arrest, jail and a fine.” Yet TCPs and shuttle buses continuously cruise around and solicit passengers. It’s time we STOP illegal pickups! Our taxicab business is being severely affected by the increasing number of Shuttles and Limousines that use illegal and unfair business practices on San Diego city streets and hotels. While by law these vehicles cannot work like taxicabs MTS continues to do nothing about illegal TCP enforcement and YOU, the driver, have been paying the price.

While much time and resources have been used on cracking down on taxi drivers for things like not wearing name badges or standing 12 feet away from our cabs, MTS continues to look the other way when it comes to illegal TCP pickups and solicitations at hotels.  What the city should be doing is putting the resources it has generated from over ticketing toward stopping the illegal practices that continue to take money from honest working cabdrivers.

In order to do this we need the type of strong evidence to give to the city, the Sheriff and even the media that will force MTS to take this problem seriously.  TCPs and limousines need to be regulated as much if not more than legal taxicab drivers.  You can help by calling our TCP and Shuttle Bus Hotline at (619)713-5637. Leave a message with TCP or shuttle bus license numbers that you see picking up illegally or to report hotels that are in violation.  Also your phone is your biggest weapon. Take pictures and video of any illegal activity that we can use as evidence.We cannot afford to lose any more fairs to illegal activity. Thank you for helping us fight to STOP illegal pickups for good.

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