Historic Driver Elections

UTWSD Endorsed Candidates, Berhanu Lemma & Hussein Nuur WIN TAC Elections!

” The results are in: Taxicab drivers Hussein Nuur and Berhanu Lemma officially have seats at the table of of the Metropolitan Transit System’s influential Taxicab Advisory Committee.

What sets them apart from the many other members of the committee is that Nuur and Lemma do not own their own cabs. They lease them.

And they represent a constituency that has to this point been badly under-served.

The MTS board of directors ratified their election on Thursday.

The two drivers had been strongly endorsed by the 700-member United Taxi Workers of San Diego and before Thursday’s meeting the group’s founder Mikaiil Hussein was calling the election a great victory for the working cab drivers.”  from The Union Tribune

Read the ICWJ Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice Pledge to United Taxi Workers of San Diego


After over a year of UTWSD attending city meetings and lobbying to protect drivers rights, on July 14th of 2011 the MTS Board voted 8 to 2 to equalize the cities Taxi Advisory Committee by voting to add five driver representatives on the cities TAC Board. This is an enormous victory for taxi drivers everywhere! We hope to build on this victory and ensure that driver’s voices and issues are heard! But we need your help!

The Committee’s Purpose:

  • Provide feedback on taxicab matters destined for MTS Board action;
  • Review summaries of administrative hearing officer decisions concerning taxicab owner and driver penalties;
  • Discuss taxicab owner and driver written grievances;
  • Review summaries of complaints concerning taxicab service;
  • Review vehicle inspection criteria, process, results, and rankings;
  • Review the annual fee schedule;
  • Comment on MTS’s work program concerning taxicab matters.

Meetings are held four to six times a year, and are open to the public.

Membership:  Chairperson (MTS Board Member); SD Convention & Visitor’s Bureau; SD Regional Airport Authority; SD Convention Center; SD Travel Aid Society; Hotel Industry (Two seats); Five Taxicab Owners (Two seats for owners of 1-3 cabs & Three seats for owners of 4+ cabs); Five Taxicab Lease Drivers (in good standing and driver for at least three years)

The Elections:

  • Lease driver representatives shall be elected by licensed drivers, operating in MTS areas of jurisdiction
  • Timeline:
    • Friday, September 23, 2011: Election Guidelines Announcement
    • Tuesday-Thursday, October 18-20, 2011: Lease driver self-nomination at 1501 National Ave. (Forms filled out on site)
    • Tuesday, October 25, 2011: Drivers are validated
    • Friday, November 4, 2011:  Candidates  Names Announced
    • Tuesday-Thursday, November 15-17, 2011: Elections at 1501 National Ave.
    • Friday-Tuesday, November 18-29, 2011: Votes Counted
    • Wednesday, December 14, 2011: New members notified by mail

Our next step is to ensure that drivers, whether they are voting or running in this momentous election, will be empowered to voice themselves for the highest voter turnout possible. We hope this election will serve as a way for drivers to get involved and exercise their rights to vote for changes that affect the industry they work so hard in.