Sheriff ID Confiscations

After extensive communication between the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and the UTWSD, including our volunteer attorney Monisola Kehinde and the ACLU of San Diego, we were able to achieve a policy reform victory that limits the authority of law enforcement officials to confiscate drivers’ Sheriff’s Licenses. We thank the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for ensuring that a taxi driver’s civil right to due process is protected. Here are the only reasons that the Sheriff’s Department has authorized their taxicab enforcement to confiscate Sheriff’s Licenses:

  1. Sheriff’s Taxi I.D. Card is expired/invalid.
  2. The taxi company vehicle they are driving is not listed on Sheriff’s Taxi I.D.
  3. Driver is arrested/taken into custody while driving a taxi.
  4. Displays a Sheriff’s Taxi I.D. Card that has been altered, tampered, duplicated or belongs to another Taxicab Driver.

The Sheriff Department will review the circumstances surrounding the confiscation and determine whether additional action is warranted per 21.110 of the Uniform Licensing Procedures. Signed by William D. Gore, Sheriff.  June 16, 2011.

Help Stop Illegal Confiscations:

1) Print Official Notice to Taxicab Enforcement HERE. Keep a copy in your car and show it to the officer if the confiscation does not meet the above requirements.

2) Filling out our Driver’s Grievance Form or Contact Us if your license has been confiscated for any other reason than those listed above.