Welcome From Our President


Dear Friends of UTWSD,

Welcome to the United Taxi Workers of San Diego (UTWSD) website. I encourage you to look around and explore the many aspects of the UTWSD, including where we’ve come from and where we are hoping to go.

After the driver strikes of December 2009 a core group of leaders formed the UTWSD in order to build on the momentum of bringing drivers together to fight for a more equitable taxi industry. We are currently on the verge of campaigns to establish the foundation of our organization.  This work includes:

  • Building a self-sustaining membership base
  • Solidifying a business plan that will increase our effectiveness
  • Expanding our network of supporters to ensure that a high-level of professional services are available to drivers and their families.

For the past year and a half we have also been fighting for an equal amount of driver representatives on San Diego’s Taxi Advisory Committee and on July 14th in a 8 to 2 vote we achieved this goal. We are very proud of all the accomplishments we have achieved and have the hard work of our driver members and allies to thank for it. We invite you all to join us on our journey to ensure that all taxi drivers are treated with dignity and respect.

In Solidarity,

Mikaiil Hussein, President of United Taxi Workers of San Diego


United Taxi Workers of San Diego

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