Owner-Operators One-Stop-Shop

Owner-Operators One-Stop-Shop

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We are happy to announce the latest updates to our One-Stop-Shop for prospective owner operators! Since we fought and won our lift the cap victory we’ve been hard at work helping drivers realize their dreams of owning their own taxi business!  Here are just some of the services we offer to our members for free!


We’ll help you every step of the way with your questions and concerns! Translators are also available who speak your language!


We work with trusted community loan providers to help you get a loan for what you need to start your business from your car to your permit.


Meter, Credit Card Machine, Taxi light and more! We have referrals for everything you need for your taxi!


UTWSD has worked with a detail shop that is offering discounted paint jobs.


Get affordable insurance for single or multiple drivers.

UNITED DISPATCH – At the request of our members we have started our own nonprofit dispatch! Don’t pay for overpriced dispatch companies or dispatch companies that don’t give you any calls! Join United Dispatch, where your voice matters and we work together to deliver outstanding service and financial freedom for our drivers

And More!

Get in touch with us TODAY by stopping by the office 4265 Fairmount Ave. Suite 180 or calling us at (619)255-7355

You can also sign up for United Dispatch Online

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