Month: July 2012

Taxi News

Voice of San Diego: Taxi Drivers Unite with Labor Council

Taxi Drivers Unite with Labor Council By Lorena Gonzalez and Mikaiil Hussein | At the Labor Council, our mission is to create more jobs, better jobs and better lives for all of San Diego’s workers — union and non-union. For years, we have proudly worked on policies that bring up the standard for our entire community; things […]

Taxi News

Airport Trip Fee Increase Suspended!

Congratulations Airport Drivers! The Airport Authority Board met on July 12th to discuss the continuing transition of Ground Transportation to 100% clean air vehicle or alternative fuel vehicle by 2017. The board considered the incentive/disincentive policy set up to reward hybrid vehicles and punish conventional fuel vehicles (CFV). This policy included discounts on the  cost of an airport-operating […]

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