Airport Trip Fee Increase Suspended!

Congratulations Airport Drivers!

The Airport Authority Board met on July 12th to discuss the continuing transition of Ground Transportation to 100% clean air vehicle or alternative fuel vehicle by 2017. The board considered the incentive/disincentive policy set up to reward hybrid vehicles and punish conventional fuel vehicles (CFV). This policy included discounts on the  cost of an airport-operating permit for hybrids as an incentive. As a disincentive the trip fee was raised by 25% for CFV’s starting FY13 (July 1 st 2012. The United Taxi Workers of San Diego argued that this increase in a trip fee  was not a disincentive or a part of any cost-recovery measure. This disincentive was aimed at drivers who are often not able to choose the car they drive. This would make the increase in the trip fee not a disincentive, but a punishment. The board suspended the scheduled increase pending an evaluation of the budgetary impact. This matter will be on the agenda for the September 6th Airport Authority Board Meeting.