Happy New Year 2018 from United Taxi Workers and Friends

Happy New Year 2018 from United Taxi Workers and Friends


It’s Been A Great Year!

Happy New Years to you from United Taxi Workers! 2017 was a great year for our movement!

On November 10th, 2014 we lifted the cap on taxi permits and hit the ground running in 2015/2016 by ensuring that drivers have the tools they need to start their businesses. We connected drivers to lenders, held small business workshops, helped fill out permit applications, assisted drivers with buying their very own taxicabs, and more.

We also worked to create our very own driver dispatch! Now that drivers are able to be free from expensive leases keeping them in poverty, they wanted to ensure they had the freedom to provide the service and innovation they have wanted to for so long by creating their own dispatch. 2017, Our two big campaign promises were opening the airport and preventing over-regulation with MTS, both are been advocated and one is on the table to make extended changes through our TAC. Big changes are going to come. Opening the airport is an ongoing process, although we are facing challenges for the other group. UTWSD is calling for unity!  We hope we will work on that and get the airport open by June of 2018. Our UTWSD 2018 Goals: Opening the airport/Lowering the taxi cab insurance/getting insurance bond and 21st century App platform for our dispatch. And many more exciting developments.

Mostly, we wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU before this year ended and we begin a new year full of opportunity and renewed hope. We thank our dedicated staff, our Board of Directors, our member, friends, allies, and OPEIU International that have helped us in this next stage of our fight to provide good and dignified jobs for our community. We are so excited for what the New Year will bring and look forward to having you fighting right alongside with Gratitude.

In Solidarity,

United Taxi Workers of San Diego

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