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UTWSD has gained access to the SD Airport

Attention: UTWSD Taxi Drivers who are interested in working at the Airport After a four-year battle, UTWSD has finally gained access to the San Diego…

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January 2021 Open-the-Airport Progress

Airport Meeting Discussion After years of campaigning, lobbying, and many delays, The San Diego Airport will soon open the permitting process for new cabs to…

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Election Day Free Taxi-Rides

Starting from (10/31 until Nov. 3rd) UTWSD will be providing FREE tax rides to your nearest polling station for drop-off ballots as well as in-person…

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UTWSD 2020 General Election Endorsements

We are excited to announce our full UTWSD 2020 General Election endorsement list. There are a lot of races in each area of the county,…

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UTWSD says “No” to Prop 22

Say “No” to Prop 22 Uber and Lyft pay their CEO’s millions, while drivers make less than minimum wage and are denied benefits like health…

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Undercounted for our community will result in the funds that can help our programs such as affordable housing, better school for our children, which is the disparities between the counted community and the uncounted ones. Let’s remember if the census misses one person is a loss of benefits to someone else.

Our participation is essential, so let’s stand and be counted – Mikaiil Hussein

UTWSD and San Diego’s Taxi Legacy continues