At UTWSD, our campaigns in and around the communityUTWc2 are vital to raising our voices together for a better life for all drivers in San Diego and their families.

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Our Team

The UTWSD team is the heart of our organization. OurTeamLogoWorking tirelessly to meet with elected officials, committees and attend hearings and meetings, the UTWSD team works hard every day. But most of the work, you don’t even see. The organizing, strategizeing and planning that goes into every presentation and hearing is where the magic happens. And we couldn’t do it without YOU, our members.


  • MTS Meeting Moved To February 12th

    Attn: Drivers and Supporters The MTS meeting that was supposed to take place on January 29th has been rescheduled to January 28th BUT our issue will not be heard until the February 12th meeting (flyer coming soon!) The agenda item will be to vote to approve the City Council and Mayor’s decision to lift the cap on taxi permits. MTS staff will also give a presentation and the board will discuss implementation of the policy.  It is important that our UTWSD drivers come out to support. We’ll be there to speak about the importance of lifting the cap and to ensure MTS doesn’t try to put up any unnecessary and timely road blocks for our drivers who want to become owner-operators. If you cannot make the meeting we’ll keep you updated on our website and via text message. If you’re not already signed up for text messages you can sign up by texting the letters “UTWSD” to (619)377-7066. You can also stop by our office to get updated at 4265 Fairmount Ave. Suite 180. Not already a UTWSD member? You can sign up now online or come by the office to become a member! In Solidarity, UTWSD
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As working class, taxi drivers do not often experience fair opportunities to access the American Dream. UTWSD helps by providing free council concerning the taxi industry and works alongside our driver members to advocate for change. UTWSD acts as a liaison facilitating dialog, fair treatment, and input on policy issues in order to facilitate positive cultural communication throughout the industry. A strong drivers’ voice in civil life helps ensure drivers’ rights are protected. Overall, UTWSD helps improve working conditions, policies, and driver benefits including health, safety and well being.


UTWSD is committed to improve the image of the San Diego taxicab industry through continued advanced, culturally and linguistically appropriate training to both our drivers and the general public.


UTWSD is a a multi-ethnic membership-based organization formed in January 2010 immediately following the taxi drivers’ strike of December 2009. High lease prices, harassment by law enforcement and public transportation officials, and a generally languishing taxi industry necessitated better self representation and organization among drivers. Striking drivers appointed leadership and formed UTWSD. Since then UTWSD drivers have lead the charge in effectuating real change for the taxi industry here in San Diego.


UTWSD drivers started to become civically engaged in order to address various issues they face in the taxi industry. They’ve done this by studying City government, attending meetings and registering hundreds of community members to vote. Our community is ready to organize and engage!