How to Get to City Hall November 10th!

Here are some ways you can get to the City Council meeting on November 10th!

Thank you for coming out to support!

1) Drive Downtown and Park (It’s best to carpool with others and split the cost of parking)

Options include:

LAZ Parking – $11, 1112 4th Ave. (between Broadway and B Street)

ACE Civic Center City Hall – $15, 1115 3rd Ave. (between C St.-B St.)

ACE Parking Lot 1 – $16, 1235 3rd Ave. (between B St. – A St.)

LAZ Parking – $10, 1347 5th Ave. (between A St. – Ash St.)

Horton Plaza – 3 hours free parking with validation $8 per hour after that, 324 Horton Plaza


2) Meet at UTWSD Office between 9 and 10a.m. on November 10th. Drivers will be ready to take you downtown


3) Take Public Transportation

Type in your address at Google Transit. City Hall is located at 202 C St.

From the UTWSD Office: Take the 215 or the 235 from El Cajon Blvd. downtown to 202 C St.