ERC’s Immigration Attorney Fabiola Navarro A Local Hero!

Congratulations to Fabiola Navarro for being honored as a local hero in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month! Fabiola is an amazing immigration attorney who has also been able to help some of our taxi drivers with their immigration issues.

“While Navarro is pleased to be recognized as a Local Hero, she firmly believes in the adage, “It takes a village.”

“I’m proud to be part of organizations that are as passionate as I am about working for the community,” Navarro affirms. “Nothing that I am doing right now to help others would be possible without the hard work of every single member of these organizations—Amnesty International, IPJ, the International Museum of Human Rights of San Diego (IMOHR), American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA San Diego), and the ERC. This is why I really believe that the only way to make changes that will bring us social and economic justice is by working together.”