MTS & SDPD Public Service Announcement: Drivers, Vehicles for Ridesharing Apps Not Regulated

Public Service Announcement: Drivers, Vehicles for Ridesharing Apps Not Regulated

SAN DIEGO, CA-The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and the San Diego Police Department is cautioning the public that the many mobile phone ridesharing applications utilize unregulated drivers and vehicles.
Ridesharing applications provide NONE of the following:
• Routine safety inspections of vehicles
• Drivers licensed through the County of San Diego Sheriff’s Department
• Proof of insurance on file with a government regulating agency
• A uniform rate of fare
MTS, which enforces taxi regulations for the City of San Diego and other cities, provides consumer protections for taxi riders, including: background checks of taxi permit holders, requiring proof of insurance, a process to license drivers through the Sheriff’s Department, implementing a standard rate of fare, providing field inspections of vehicles, and overseeing a driver complaint process.Mobile phone ride sharing services, or individuals operating private vehicles who respond to roadside hails, utilize private vehicles and private persons that are not subject to any government regulations or vetting. Fares can be arbitrary and they are not posted. Additionally, because there is no requirement for drivers to show identification, there is no way to know if the driver of the ride sharing vehicle is the driver
on record with the ridesharing service.

“Our primary mission is to implement and enforce taxi regulations that give riders a safe experience,” said Paul Jablonski, chief executive officer of MTS. “When riding a taxi, people will know exactly how much to pay and that there are consumer safeguards in place. We believe it is our role to let people know of issues or services that are
potentially unsafe.”
MTS also provides Trolley and bus services throughout the San Diego region. Extended Trolley service is available for Comic-Con. Go to for more information.

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