Know Your Rights & Responsibilities!


Leases: There’s a problem with the leases and we are working to fix it so that they are written with protections for drivers. In the mean time you should ask for a copy of the papers before you sign them in order to consult with UTWSD legal representatives. Remember you have the right to get your agreement document. If the owner refuses to give you a copy before or after you sign it please report it to our office.

Ticketing: When issued a fine by an officer, you have a right to an appeal.

Safe Vehicles: Demand a safe and well maintained vehicle from taxi owners. As we all know unsafe vehicles cause problems like ticketing and accidents.  Report the unsafe vehicle to the owner of your vehicle. If he refuses to fix the problem please contact the UTWSD.

Confiscation: Please see our Post about the Limited Authorization of Sheriff ID Confiscations below.

If you believe your rights have been violated please seek support from the UTWSD. Fill out our Driver Grievance Form or Contact us

Responsibilities before you begin your shift:

  • Make sure you are dressed in compliance with MTS rules and regulations
  • Completely fill out your trip sheet
  • Wear a nametag at all times
  • Ensure Sherriff License is visible at all times
  • Make sure vehicle is clean and maintained per MTS rules and regulations