MTS Administration

United Taxi Workers of San Diego would like to personally thank Mr. Leonardo Fewell New Interim Manager of MTSTA.

We also wanted to follow-up regarding what both UTWSD and MTS Taxi Administration will be doing to improve conditions for taxi drivers. Here is a summary of some of the issues we discussed at the meeting, and are hoping to move forward on:


-UTWSD will alert drivers of the most common types of tickets, and how to reduce violations

-UTWSD will work with the city to allow for more leniency for taxis to double-park or use red-zones for passenger loading purposes.

-Please send me your amended penalty guidelines.

    TNC issues:

-MTS Taxi Administration agreed to share with MTS Marketing our concerns regarding the Uber partnership and decided to request that if any more agreements were being made, that the Taxi Administration would be informed

-MTS Taxi Administration agreed to speak with SDPD about taxi stands being shut down and used as a TNC staging area.

    WildCat Task Force:

-MTS Taxi Administration will look into making a task force alongside SDPD that can go after illegal taxis and shuttles services that have taken much of the business at the Border.