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Safety for Drivers! Manditory Cameras in Taxicabs!

The Department of Labor reports taxi driving as the most dangerous job in the country, with drivers 60 times more likely to be killed and 80 times more likely to be robbed than other U.S. workers. Drivers have been spat on, threatened, and punched in the head by drunken and violent passengers. Libaan, a victim of robbery and assault, says, “The customer refused to pay me and punched me in the head. I called the police, and the officer threatened to arrest me. This pain and suffering should not be ignored.” Driver Mohammed explains the daily fear: “Drivers often face
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UTWSD ELECTION MEETING! Come Meet Your Candidates

November 2nd Taxi Election Meeting!! Meet our UTWSD-endorsed candidates and other guest speakers who encourage taxi drivers to come out and exercise their newly won right to vote!!! Together we are stronger. We encourage you all to attend in support of the upcoming elections and equality in the taxi industry! The United Taxi Workers of San Diego Thank you!
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