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KPBS | San Diego Taxi Union Wants City To Better Regulate Uber, Lyft

Original Source: KPBS | San Diego Taxi Union Wants City To Better Regulate Uber, Lyft “The United Taxi Workers of San Diego says the cab industry is unfairly regulated compared to ride-share companies, such as Uber and Lyft, and is calling on drivers in the region to push for reforms. In a flier uploaded to its Facebook page this month, the union urged its more than 800 members and the rest of the nearly 1,300 cabbies in the area to unite to “make the transportation industry fair for all drivers.” The taxi industry here has been fragmented since not all
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Airport Victory 6.23.16 (Video and Pictures)

Congratulations drivers! Today’s Airport meeting went very well! UTWSD advocated to level the playing field between taxis and rideshares. Agenda Item 13 would have allowed rideshares to remain at the Airport permanently. After speakers and discussion and many unanswered questions by rideshare companies, the board voted to extend the program as a pilot instead of making it permanent until the questions are answered. Additionally, the board has committed to discussing opening the Airport in the fall! For public comment we had UTWSD members Kidane and Alem and legal intern Chris Morse speak about equity at the Airport including the rental car taxi
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