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Message from OPEIU International President Richard Lanigan

Our country is still reeling from the shocking events in Charlottesville this weekend. In no uncertain terms, OPEIU strongly condemns the violence and hatred that was displayed by Nazi white nationalists in Charlottesville and the racist rhetoric that has followed. While we may not share the same political views, all Americans share a desire for freedom, justice and equality. And in these confusing, disheartening times, one thing is clear – now is the time that all good people must act, stand up and speak out against this hatred and bigotry. We must all educate ourselves on the issues and then
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Airport Authority Agendas – 12/7/2017

UTWSD friends and allies is going to go back the airport Authority on 12/7/2017 regarding these two agendas: 16. TRANSPORTATION NETWORK COMPANY (TNC) PERMIT APPLICATION UPDATE AND APPROVED CONTINUATION OF THE TNC PERMIT PROGRAM: The Board is requested to renew the permit. RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 2017-0110 approving the continuation of the Transportation Network Company operations at San Diego International Airport and authorizing the President/CEO to negotiate and execute a TNC permit and authorizing Greenhouse reduction fees. (Ground Transportation: Marc Nichols, Director) 17. EXTENSION OF TAXI AND VEHICLE-FOR-HIRE MEMORANDUMS OF AGREEMENT: The Board is requested to extend the Memorandums of
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