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Announcing the OPEIU Free College Benefit

OPEIU is pleased to introduce the newest union benefit for all OPEIU members – the OPEIU Free College Benefit. Just as the name implies, OPEIU members and their families can now earn an associate degree completely free of charge. With all the expenses working families have to deal with these days, it’s good to know that meeting the costs of rising tuition and textbooks doesn’t have to be one of them. If you have children graduating from high school and planning to attend college or you are looking for a way to advance your own career, the OPEIU Free College Benefit
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TaxiCab Advisory Committee Meeting – June 14, 2017

UTWSD like to thank our representatives for coming out to TaxiCab Advisory Committee meeting on June 14, 2017. Those who come together to say no to Port of San Diego’s attention to remove taxicab stand located on Kettner and Harbor Drive (Grand Hyatt Hotel) due to taxi drivers not complying with Traffic/Ordinance Regulations. This is ridiculous if MTSTA or Port of San Diego wants to stop industries that are here to operate illegally a violation of everything is to TNC’s. The fight is not over this recommendation will go to MTS executive board have a final say on this, UTWSD
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Celebrating 30 years of SDPD Multi-Cultural Community Relations

Between 2010-2013, UTWSD meetings were hosted by Multi-Cultural Relationship office, and know we are hosting the people of San Diego who are doing a good job to our community, and they don’t have space for meetings. We are returning the favor. Thank you SDPD Multi-Cultural Community Relation for your service to our UTWSD and our community. Thank you all for your 30 years of dedicated service to the citizen of San Diego.”  
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