Drivers supporting an open Airport Process!


Drivers are supporting an open Airport Process!

San Diego International Airport, do the right thing! Lift-the-Cap on airport permits!

UTWSD has been championing and advocating for an open permitting process at the airport more than a year now, UTWSD stuff reached out to airport ground transportation and the board of directories of airport authority, we thank the committee showed that they were listening and sympathetic to the taxi drivers, and asked ground transportation to bring proposal to open the airport!

UTWSD reached out the ground transportation Director, David Boenitz to see if there was any progress on the presentation. We UTWSD offered to work together with ground transportation on a joint proposal, unfortunately he was not interested at that time, then UTWSD create its proposal to the board, UTWSD went June, October, December, January and February meetings, and make public comments all these meetings and we made very clear the ground transportation not considering what the drivers want.

Unfortunately, drivers did not unite on this issue although UTWSD staff reach out the drivers and explain the importance of unity; there are handfuls of drivers who are running around dividing the drivers taking money telling the drivers lies, This is a lesson to learn. There no brainer we all have to be united under UTWSD; we can’t blind ourselves and expect change. There is no taxi industry without unity, no unity without forgetting our small differences.

UTWSD is the only voice taxi drivers here San Diego, Rideshares are our common enemy, not to each other. We have to come together if we’re going to save out industry! Our plan to go back the board when we get everybody on board and I’m confident we can do this without waiting for another 3years as they mention.

If you need more information on this issue, please come to our office. Thank you.