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VOTE 2016

Below is UTWSD Voter Guide for the June 7th Primary! If you’ve already received your mail ballot, sign, date, put a stamp on it and send it in as soon as possible! The below candidates and initiatives have proven to be good for workers and our communities, most importantly our very own Sarah Saez for District 9 City Council! YOUR VOTE MATTERS! 
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Congratulations New TAC Members!

We would like to congratulate and welcome the new members of MTS’s Taxi Advisory Committee! Congratulations Mr. Alfed Banks, Mohamed Omar, Abel Seifu and Tarik Afifi! These lease drivers have step up to represent YOU lease drivers and owner-operators to improve the taxi industry for all of us. UTWSD will be helping to prepare and guide our new representative to move the discussions forward toward policy reforms that will benefit drivers, consumers and San Diego. All four representatives are more than qualified to lead with a combined decades worth of experience driving and engaging in the taxi business. Please keep
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Permit Holder TAC Elections

OWNER-OPERATOR TAC ELECTIONS VOTE ABEBE ANTALLO Attn. Owner-operators: After speaking with MTS we have been updated that each owner-operator vote is determined by the number of permits you have. So if you have 1 permit, you have 1 vote. Since many of the new owner-operators only have one permit we are asking everyone to support our Brother Abebe Antallo! Abebe has fought day in and day out for drivers rights for many years now. It is very important that you only put one permit holder name on your ballot if you own one permit or your ballot will be disqualified.
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