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UTWSD Victory Updates: Court Ruling Upheld & DBA Success

UTWSD Victory Updates! Court Ruling Upheld: Congratulations!!  Our Lift the Cap campaign has WON!  On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the San Diego Superior Court ruled in favor of the City of San Diego’s near unanimous decision to lift the cap on permits. Through indomitable courage, we faced the Goliath of issues stemming from the archaic permitting system in the taxi industry and WON!!!   Our lead organizers faced abuse and blacklisting for their stalwart efforts for the past six years.  Together, with you as our members and allies, we have created enormous opportunity for our San Diego taxi drivers to own
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Happy One Year Anniversary of Lifting the Cap!

Happy One Year Anniversary Drivers!! One year ago we made history by organizing, standing together and lifting the cap on taxi permits! Almost five years after drivers met at Colina Park to go on strike for a better taxi industry on December 18th, 2009, and with little resources but limitless determination, UTWSD members have been able to make significant impacts in the taxi industry and on the lives of drivers and our community. After decades of abuse, drivers continue to be empowered to bravely stand up to fight for a better life for themselves and their families! Thank you to everyone from drivers
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