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U-T San Diego | Plan removes cabbies’ economic shackles

Plan removes cabbies’ economic shackles: San Diego plan to lift cap on taxi permits would help industry compete with Uber By Steven Greenhut SACRAMENTO — After the Civil War, newly freed slaves and poor whites in the Deep South often became “sharecroppers” who farmed land owned by others and paid a share of the crops. Barely able to eke out a living and unable to buy farms, they became indebted to the owners and locked into a life of poverty. It sounds strange at first, but San Diego’s taxicab system — like such systems elsewhere – has parallels to that
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Sample Email for Lifting the Cap on Taxi Permits

Email Subject Line: I Support Lifting the Cap on Taxi Permits Dear Councilmember [insert name] I am a [resident or taxi driver] of San Diego who supports Councilwoman Emerald’s proposal to remove the cap on taxi permits coming to City Council vote on November 10, 2014. There is no debate that currently, the taxi industry is in a state of disarray. By lifting the cap on taxi permits, we can erase a corrupt system where lease payments and permit transactions benefit permit holders instead of the citizens of San Diego. Many lease drivers are forced to drive unsafe, below-standard taxicabs
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How to Get to City Hall November 10th!

Here are some ways you can get to the City Council meeting on November 10th! Thank you for coming out to support! 1) Drive Downtown and Park (It’s best to carpool with others and split the cost of parking) Options include: LAZ Parking – $11, 1112 4th Ave. (between Broadway and B Street) ACE Civic Center City Hall – $15, 1115 3rd Ave. (between C St.-B St.) ACE Parking Lot 1 – $16, 1235 3rd Ave. (between B St. – A St.) LAZ Parking – $10, 1347 5th Ave. (between A St. – Ash St.) Horton Plaza – 3 hours free
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